What We Do


Supporting Our Members

Individuals with Down syndrome and their families benefit from a wide array of services and supports. The Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta offers a variety of programs and partnerships to support families.

The First Call Ambassadors program

  • provides information to medical providers about prenatal testing and how to share a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome with expectant parents as well as information specifically designed for expectant parents themselves
  • ensures that families of newborns with Down syndrome receive accurate, updated information about Down syndrome and additional resources from the birth hospital.
  • connects DSAA parents with new parents who want to meet a parent who has a child with Down syndrome.

Building Community Throughout Metro Atlanta

We invite you to join our community of people with Down syndrome, parents, family, friends, caregivers, professionals, practitioners, researchers, and organizations dedicated to improving quality of life for people with Down syndrome. We facilitate local networking groups in communities throughout the metro Atlanta area, a support group for the Hispanic community and the local D.A.D.S. chapter. These groups offer opportunities for playgroups, parent education, fundraising, and community-based social events. These mini associations are the key to helping DSAA serve the large Atlanta metro area.

To find a group in your area, click here: http://www.dsaatl.org/networking

Advocacy & Awareness


DSAA is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with Down syndrome through advocacy and supporting inclusion within schools, communities, and the workplace.

DSAA believes that individuals with Down syndrome have the right to be respected as valued members of society with their own level of independence, self-determination, and sense of belonging in the community. This can best be achieved by being allowed full community involvement. 

Our goals include:

• Advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome so they may have the same access to opportunities in community schools, recreational activities, and employment as their typical peers;

• Support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families in seeking inclusive opportunities;

• Community Acceptance and Responsibility toward individuals with Down syndrome.



DSAA is pleased to help connect our families with the appropriate resources to drive and expand understanding and knowledge. 

Click here for the complete DSAA resource directory.