Sheryl Arno Sharing on YANA Podcast

Tune in tomorrow, October 3rd at 10:30am EST to the YANA Podcast and hear from DSAA's Executive Director, Sheryl Arno. YANA, You Are Never Alone, is the only podcast solely dedicated to the Special Needs Community whose mission is to educate, advocate, elevate and celebrate people with differing abilities by bringing them, their families, their caregivers, their supporters, and their communities frank conversations with experts throughout the Special Needs arena.

If you didn't know, Sheryl has been in the field of developmental disabilities 

for 29 years. While she started working in the field with children, she has spent most of her career focusing on transition to adulthood and adult life. Sheryl was the creator of the Inclusive Post- Secondary Education movement in Georgia. She started with Kennesaw State University and now there are 8 programs around the state including all of the major colleges. Sheryl is a consultant with the Georgia State’s Center for Leadership and Disability as a parent liaison supporting the GAIPSEC. Check out past YANA episodes as well for more resources!