Our Partners


The DSAA is a founding organization of The Down Syndrome Consortium, which consists of the DSAA, GiGi's Playhouse Atlanta, the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC), the Emory Genetics Clinic, and the Adult Disability Medical Home. These organizations have committed to working together on various initiatives with the goal of bringing one strong voice of advocacy and awareness for Down Syndrome. We also partner with The Arc Georgia to work on advocacy points related to the community.

The DSAA provides financial support to the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic in the Department of Human Genetics at Emory University to help maintain a comprehensive clinic that serves children newborn to age seven.

DSAA significantly supports the Adult Disability Medical Healthcare (ADMH) formerly named the Adult Disability Medical Home, which offers comprehensive clinical and consultative services to adolescents and adults with Down syndrome and their families.

The DSAA also partners with Gigi's Playhouse in Atlanta, an awareness center that provides resources, specialized teaching (i.e. reading, writing and math tutoring), and support to individuals with Down Syndrome, their families and the community. All of the programs are free to Gigi's families and are therapeutic in nature. 

Jack's Basket is our most recent partnership. Jack's Basket is a non-profit that delivers welcome baskets to new families in the hospital upon the birth of their child with down syndrome, hoping to change the stigma of a negative birth and diagnosis experience into a positive and celebratory one. DSAA has gathered a team of local parents to support new families and celebrate new babies in our community.