I am Evan and I am 32 years old.  I want to tell you about some of the things I have done and things that are important to me.  

I graduated from Chamblee High School in the class of 2000.  In high school I was in the marching band.  I got to play and march at all of the football games.  A highlight was performing at the Outback Bowl.  

I work as a kitchen assistant at the Weinstein Senior Adult Day Center. I have had this job for 11 years. I talk to the clients, help them when they go on outings, set up for meals and snack, prepare the meals and clean up afterward.  It is hard work.  I live in an apartment and have a roommate.  I do all the things a single man does like grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning the apartment, paying my bills and managing my check book. I have a girl friend and enjoy going out with her.

I enjoy music, (especially the Beatles), playing the drums, playing computer games, playing sports and hanging out with my friends.  I am on a bowling team, take yoga, swim and exercise with a trainer. I belong to some social groups and enjoy going to activities and dances. I love power lifting and train very hard to compete every year in the Special Olympics.  I enjoy acting and perform in a special theatrical group called Habima Theater.  When I can, I volunteer in the community. I especially like helping at a community garden.

I am proud that I am a graduate of a special self advocacy program called Partners in Policy Making. I have been voted as Buddy of the Year for the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta. I like to follow the news and vote in every election.

I have Down syndrome and am proud of my abilities. I am able to be an independent man because I get help from my Medicaid Waiver. These funds provide me with needed transportation, a job coach and a personal consultant. I continue to learn new things that make me so proud.  Because I have worked so long and have a disability, I receive SSDI. That along with my pay check I am able to be independent.

My parents, Janice and Joe Nodvin, are happy to see me living my dreams.  They tell me that these are their dreams, too. They have worked very hard to make things happen for me and others by volunteering, advocating and working for people with disabilities. I have three sisters, two brothers-in-law, one nephew and three nieces who call me Uncle “Ev”.  

As you can see, my life is very full. I work, live and play in the community. My dream is to continue this healthy and useful life.