DSAA Joins #theluckyfew tattoo movement

Unity_among_Us_Tattoo.jpg DSAA Joins #theluckyfewtattoo Movement

What started as a fun exercise of unity at a retreat of a small group of mom's who have a child with Down syndrome is now sweeping across the nation. DSAA has joined in the action hosting tattoo parties for more than 100 local mom's and dad's to join in unity to honor their shared journey and their children. Read more.

What exactly is #theluckyfewtattoo? The idea started last year at a Ruby’s Rainbow retreat. A group of moms discussed the idea of DSAA_Tattoo_Party_in_Cobb.jpggetting matching tattoos to commemorate their friendship. One of those moms included Mica May, a designer from Texas. She chimed in and shared her own vision of the tattoo. She told them about a recurring dream in which three arrows shot out of her arm, but she was unsure of its meaning. 

Running with Mica's vision, they came up with a three arrowed tattoo. The tattoo symbolizes the three 21st chromosomes and how we rise up and move forward. The meaning behind it is simply put by Mica herself. She says, “We fly the highest after we have been pulled back and stretched, sometimes, even more, we think we can bear.”

Parents all over the country have joined the movement to honor their loved ones with Down Syndrome. Recently here in Georgia, a group of moms affiliated with the DSAA got together to get the tattoo and when word spread there was overwhelming interest from across the metro area. The Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta partnered with Gigi’s Playhouse and hosted our first ever Parent’s Night Out “Tattoo Extravaganza” on February 2. We had such a big turnout that a second event has been scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd at Gigi’s Playhouse in Roswell(https://www.facebook.com/events/2059797677624772/?ti=icl).

This tattoo means so much to these parents and to the DSAA. It symbolizes the strong bond and unity the Down Syndrome DSAA_Tattoo_Party_at_GiGis_2.2.jpgcommunity has. “We really are one amazing tribe”, says Meagan Nash a DSAA board member and Co-Chair of the buddy walk. It also stands as a platform for anyone who gets it so that they can advocate and spread awareness to continue to show the world just how amazing people with Down Syndrome are!

Atlanta's WXIA-TV covered the event here.