Behind the Scenes at DSAA

We hope you had an amazing summer and are transitioning well into the back to school routine.


Sheryl Arno
This summer our D.A.D.S group continued to meet, we hosted a Mom's Night Out at GiGi's Playhouse, our networking groups held mom's night out and play date outings. I also had the pleasure of training 400 camp counselors at the beginning of the summer to help inclusive camps work with our children.e


In addition, I have represented the DSAA on the Down Syndrome Consortium. We are working together and partnering on a number of opportunities for our community! More to come! I also serve on the Inclusive Post Secondary Education Consortium where I am working to expand opportunities for students with Down syndrome in these programs. 

I talk with members of our community about their connection with DSAA, I realize most people are familiar with pillar events such as Buddy Walk, our holiday party, our summer social, our new parent workshops, our monthly DADS Group, our Hispanic Group, our community networking groups and social groups on Facebook, but most of you are unfamiliar with the day-to-day work we do to support our mission

A Look Behind the Scenes

A Look Behind the Scenes


The mission of DSAA is to educate stakeholders, unite our community, and build bridges between worlds, so that individuals with Down syndrome and their families are connected to opportunities for an amazing life. A lot of the work we do at DSAA is to make those connections and build bridges. For example, in the last couple of days I:


  • visited a personal care home to provide resources so that an 81-year-old woman with Down syndrome could remain in the home she has lived in for 20 years;
  • responded to two calls from local hospitals about supports for two families with new babies;
  • spoke with a large corporation that is interested in hiring individuals with Down syndrome about providing sensitivity training for its employees and helping them connect individuals to jobs;
  • provided resources to an adult day care so that an individual who abruptly lost funding could remain at camp; 
  • talked with First Step about providing training at hospitals in Newton and Henry County
These are just a few examples of the ways we work every day to educate, unite and build bridges and where your Buddy Walk dollars go!


Sheryl Arno, Executive Director