Mom's Night Out with Dr. Amy Talboy

February DSAA Mom's Night OutEarlier this month Dr. Amy Talboy from the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic came to our mom's night out group. She spoke to the moms about the importance of sharing all information with your child's doctors. For example, Supplements are very commonly used by moms but many have potential adverse side effects, as well as possible interactions with medication or other supplements.  Examples of supplements include (but are not limited to) vitamins,  probiotics, and natural herbs.

Dr. Talboy explained that we need to be aware of all of the ingredients, their doses compared to daily recommended doses, known possible side effects, and how they are expected to affect the body (positive or negative).  It is important for parents to research and ask what is in the supplements to avoid more serious issues, such as liver problems, or effects on bleeding. Dr. Amy Talboy is available to offer guidance when choosing supplements.  


Photo of Amy Talboy

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Amy L. Talboy, MD, FAAP

Medical Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics and Pediatrics, Emory University SOM

Office: 1365 Clifton Road NE, Building A, Suite A1500, A1507B

Phone: 404-778-8590


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